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Price: $350


Course Duration: 1 Day

About the Course

Cavitation - Slim Body Therapy

Ultrasonic cavitation is a non-invasive method used to correct excessive local fat deposits using ultrasonic waves. The essence of the cavitation methodology for the correction of cellulite and the elimination of fat deposits consists in the transformation of the content of fat cells into free fatty acids that are naturally eliminated by the lymphatic system. An important condition when working with cavitation methods is to perform mandatory lymphatic drainage after a procedure through any method: pressotherapy, vacuum massage or manual lymphatic drainage massage

How does it work?

The effects of cavitation occur in fat cells under the influence of low-frequency ultrasound between 36 and 42 kHz. Through this, a breakdown in fat tissue is produced in which a large amount of energy is released. Hydrodynamic thrust (a kind of micro-explosion) occurs within the fat cell, these micro-explosions damage the cell membranes of adipocytes (cell membranes composed mainly of fat) as a result of their strong tension. The triglycerides released that form fat cells are removed from the intracellular space through natural metabolic processes, while other cells and tissues (muscle fibers, epidermal cells, muscle endothelium, etc.) remain completely intact.

Benefits of Slim Body Therapy (Cavitation)

Ultrasound cavitation can be used on any area of the body that fosters extra fat and weight. The treatment can be applied almost anywhere from smaller areas to larger areas (such as thighs, stomach, back, or buttocks). It is also not invasive meaning no surgical procedures are performed and only powerful, yet safe and effective waves are emitted to the skin causing fat to burn and patients to look slimmer. Furthermore, surrounding tissues are left unharmed and pain is negligible. Cavitation is virtually risk-free as it has been approved for many medical procedures in addition to cosmetic procedures, and only lasts an hour on average! Results are visible right just days after one treatment and several treatments can help attain amazing results.

Your Instructor

Instructor: Johana Kulas

Instructor: Johana Kulas

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